Can we really improve social mobility while maintaining high levels of income inequality?

Author: Professor Anna Vignoles, Bridge Group Fellow

In a world where the number of good jobs is stable or declining: for every poor child who moves up the socioeconomic ladder, a richer child must move down. Will privileged parents be happy to remain complicit as their children lose out in the name of equity?

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The performance of merit: hidden barriers to professional success

Author: Dr Sam Friedman, Bridge Group Fellow

It may have little to do with skill or ability but, as Dr Sam Friedman explains, looking good and sounding right still plays a big part in who gets ahead in Britain’s elite occupations.

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Closing the school-level attainment gap

Author: Professor Vikki Boliver, Bridge Group Fellow

In the summer, Professor Vikki Boliver will be contributing on the subject of closing the gap in attainment. She will explore the limitations of policy focused on raising attainment for all by exposing the system as a ‘zero sum game’.

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‘Places left behind’: the role of the university in supporting its region

Author: Professor Mary Stuart, Bridge Group Fellow

In September, Professor Mary Stuart will be contributing a blog on the role of the university in supporting regional economic growth.

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Unequal progression in the professions by background: the imperative for employers

Author: Dr Kenton Lewis, Bridge Group Fellow

In the Autumn, Dr Kenton Lewis MBE will be reflecting on the relationship between progression in graduate employment roles and socio-economic background. This will be informed through learning identified from the Bridge Group’s own exploration of, and support for, some of the UKs most significant graduate employers over the last year, and will comment on

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Promoting socio-economic diversity in organisations

Author: Dr Louise Ashley, Bridge Group Fellow

In the autumn, Dr Louise Ashley will be sharing findings from her latest research on the barriers to achieving socio-economic diversity in organisations and outlining strategies to promote social change.

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Measuring the socio-economic background of graduates: the challenges for employers and universities and what to do about them

Author: Professor Paul Wakeling, Bridge Group Fellow

In the autumn, Professor Paul Wakeling will be addressing the difficulties in measuring social class for graduate job applicants and those seeking entry to postgraduate courses. He’ll explore some of the challenges of doing this accurately and in a way that works practically. This will also consider some of the underlying conceptual challenges, in particular, changes

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Commuting students: a problem or an opportunity

Author: Professor Tim Blackman, Bridge Group Fellow

In October, Professor Tim Blackman will be writing on the challenge facing the higher education sector in engaging and supporting commuter students.

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Playing the interview game: social background and language capital

Author: Marianne Blattès, Research Officer, Bridge Group

During interviews, candidates are judged not just on what they say, but how they say it. Being able to play the “interview game” does not necessarily reflect adequate preparation or individual competence. Rather, it is a sign of mastering institutional and organisational discourses. Knowledge of how to perform well in an interview is unequally distributed in society.

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