Playing the interview game: social background and language capital

Author: Marianne Blattès, Research Officer, Bridge Group

During interviews, candidates are judged not just on what they say, but how they say it. Being able to play the “interview game” does not necessarily reflect adequate preparation or individual competence. Rather, it is a sign of mastering institutional and organisational discourses. Knowledge of how to perform well in an interview is unequally distributed in society.

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The class ceiling: hidden barriers to professional success

Author: Dr Sam Friedman, Bridge Group Fellow

In May, Dr Sam Friedman will be sharing ideas from his latest research on the ‘class ceiling’. He’ll outline some of the hidden barriers for employees from lower socio-economic backgrounds, such as accent. 

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What do we mean by social mobility and how does it relate to social equality?

Author: Professor Anna Vignoles, Bridge Group Fellow

In the summer, Professor Anna Vignoles will be sharing her insights on the meaning(s) of social mobility and asking whether it detracts politicians and policymakers from a focus on social equality. 

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Closing the school-level attainment gap

Author: Professor Vikki Boliver, Bridge Group Fellow

In the summer, Professor Vikki Boliver will be contributing on the subject of closing the gap in attainment. She will explore the limitations of policy focused on raising attainment for all by exposing the system as a ‘zero sum game’.

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