Bridge Group works with broadcasters to increase socio-economic diversity

Ofcom’s latest report on diversity and equal opportunities in television highlights the role of the Bridge Group in helping leading broadcasters to better understand social mobility and monitor socio-economic diversity. We have collaborated with the 5 main broadcasters to build their capacity to gather information on social and economic background and to utilise it effectively to inform recruitment and inclusive strategies.

Amongst our recommendations to employers:

  • Approach the challenge systematically, understanding that to make meaningful change action is required across a range of interdependent areas;
  • Collect and share robust evidence to inform and evaluate plans for change;
    Consider what can be achieved with short term actions and what will need a longer-term approach;
  • Explore and understand intersections between different areas of diversity;
  • Demonstrate commitment to evaluation and constant improvement; and
  • Encourage discussion and debate to help drive change across the industry, sharing data and findings collected.

Follow the link to read a full list of our recommendations to broadcasters.