Our Approach to Research and Policy

Our approach to research and policy is directed by the guidance from the Charity Commission.

With respect to its research activities, the Bridge Group ensures that: 

The subject matter of the proposed research is a useful subject of study, which will contribute valuable understanding to promote the advancement of education and the relief of disadvantaged young people;

The specific subject matter is not being covered by reputable academic researchers elsewhere, in a way that would duplicate effort wastefully; and

The scope of the subject matter is suitable in relation to the resources and time available.

With respect to its policy work, the Bridge Group: 

Is not established for a political purpose. Campaigning and political activity is never the only way, nor the major way, in which we pursue our charitable purposes;

Never gives support to a political party, nor to individual political candidates;

Only engages in activities where there is likelihood of it being effective in furthering our charitable purposes, proportionate to the resources committed.