Bridge Group Insight Fuels Teach First Campaign

Teach First commissioned the BG to collate and assess research to underpin its ‘Challenge the Impossible’ report looking into the scale of the challenges facing children and young people from lower socio-economic backgrounds. Evidence was studied from early years to graduate employment to explore the key barriers to social mobility. We also identified areas of effective practice in improving the outcomes for the most disadvantaged. For instance, improved careers advice and guidance at school and in higher education and fair access to extracurricular opportunities, such as internships. You can follow the campaign here and on Twitter #TFChallenge.

“We were delighted with the high quality and timely research expertise The Bridge Group provided us to underpin our recent policy report ‘Impossible?’. The breadth of knowledge and the speed with which they were able to bring together a wide range of existing research was completely invaluable to making the project a success.”

Jonathan Dando, Associate Director, Teach First.