University Tuition Fees: What is a Fair Deal for Students?

The Bridge Group joined with HEPI to convene a seminar on university tuition fees on 19 September. Nick Hillman, Director of HEPI, chaired a discussion with Professor Claire Callender, Paul Johnson, Baroness Wolf of Dulwich, and Lord David Willetts.

We would like to say an enormous thank you to Nick Hillman and our prestigious contributors for giving time to share their expertise on higher education funding in England. And, many thanks to all who were able to attend and share insights during the seminar. We would welcome colleagues keeping in touch on the subject so that we can continue to build understanding of the impact of the current tuition fee system on students from lower socio-economic backgrounds.

The seminar covered a wide range of themes relating to the income-contingent system in England. In particular, attention was given to:

  • the sharp fall in part-time undergraduate participation since the introduction of funding reforms in 2012 and the need for reform to promote access;
  • the need for a wider range of tertiary education options to support the labour market and give students greater choice over routes into employment;
  • the need for universities to place greater emphasis on measuring the learning gain of their students or the way that they ‘add value’.

Click here to read a summary of the discussion and see the recommendations derived from it.