About the Bridge Group

A charitable policy association researching and promoting socio-economic diversity and equality.

Since its launch at Google UK, the Group has established itself as an authoritative, independent voice, and has delivered a wide range of activities in pursuit of its charitable objectives. 

We undertake leading research and policy analysis to inspire equal access to education and employment amongst young people from lower socio-economic backgrounds. Identifying, and challenging, barriers to progression that are determined by background whilst also advocating for the social, cultural and economic benefits of diversity.

Based at King’s College, London, we are a dynamic organisation, able to respond quickly to current issues in public policy and expose under-explored areas of the social mobility debate. We pride ourselves on our convening power, bringing people together from across sectors to debate the key problems and help to define the solutions to promote social equality.

The Bridge Group is non-partisan, and is not associated with any political party.

Our Vision

An educational system and labour market where outcomes are determined by talent and hard work, regardless of background.

How we Achieve It

Research: conducting rigorous, evidence-based research to ensure that policy-making and practice are built on sound and sustainable principles.

Commissions: working in collaboration with organisations to undertake analysis and to design practicable solutions to realise positive change.

Events: convening experts to debate urgent issues, with a focus on designing policy solutions.

Advocacy: adopting a non-partisan approach, using our research, and the wider evidence base, to engage with influencers in support of our charitable objectives

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